STUDY ABROAD: These Are The 12 Countries With Low Tuition Fees

International students are migrating heavily every year seeking greener education and professional pastures. Most depend on personal finance, financial aid or scholarships to cover the fast rising tuition costs in these study destinations. However, it is not necessary to break the bank for top quality education anymore, there are many countries worldwide that cater to students with little budget for international study. These countries have institutes, colleges and universities with high quality study programs, faculties, research centres with high rankings in the various top universities ranking systems in the world.

The international higher institutions application peak period is fast approaching and Travellounge has provided a comprehensive list to help you achieve your goal of getting cheap tuition colleges abroad. It is time to get down to business; here are a few countries to consider for your international education selections if you so require:

  1. Germany

As of October 2014, practically all Universities in Germany have stopped charging any tuition fees for undergraduate studies for all students inclusive of international students.  Although, some of these universities charge a certain amount to cover school administration fees (about €50) per semester. On the other hand, most Master’s studies in Germany are charged tuition fees, but they’re not as high as in other countries. In order to get your student visa after getting an admission offer, you must have an estimated amount of €8,000 to cover living expenses.

  1. France

France is another affordable higher education destination, though not widely known. International students can also study in France for free or at a very low cost regardless of their nationality, though charged about €180 – €269 per year to cover course administration. Additional charges can bring this price up, particularly for more specialized programs such as medicine and engineering.

  1. Austria

Austria is also quite affordable for international students in Europe. After this time, students pay a fee of just €360 per semester. International students from outside of the EU/EEA get higher fees of around €730 per semester. Living costs are approximately between €850 and €1,000 a month.

  1. Hungary

Tuition fees vary depending on the school and study program. Usually, non-EU students have to pay a tuition fee of approximately €1000 per semester.


  1. Norway

Norwegian state-owned universities and university colleges do not charge tuition fees from students including international students. This applies to all levels, including undergraduate studies, Masters and Ph.D. program. Although, some state universities and university colleges may charge tuition fees for a few specialized programs which are mainly at the Masters level.  Students may also be charged NOK 300-600 each semester.

  1. Sweden

Application and full tuition fees apply for students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland at the bachelor’s or master’s level. Non-EU students have to pay full tuition fees starting at approximately €9700/year.


African Students

  1. Ukraine

The average tuition fees for Ukraine universities range from $1800 – $3000 per year. Average living costs inclusive of accommodation, health insurance, and feeding, books allowance could amount to $1000 per year.

  1. Finland

There are no tuition fees charged in Finland at the moment, regardless of the level of studies and the nationality of the student however tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students. You are expected to be financially sufficient to cover all your everyday living expenses during your studies in Finland. Estimated living costs of a student in Finland average between €500 – 800 per month.

  1. Belgium

Belgium is a nice and conducive European country to study, although, cost of living in Belgium is a bit high compared with other countries in Europe. Tuition fees in Belgian universities range from €1500 – 4000 per academic session. Its estimated living expense is about €800 per month to cover accommodation costs, food healthcare, public transport, telephone and leisure.

  1. Malaysia

University fees in Malaysia differ, although, studying in Malaysia is cheaper than many countries. Average tuition fees currently are approximately $3,985 per year. The cost of living for international students in Malaysia is as low as $2,840 per year, which includes food, travel and accommodation.

  1. Russia

Tuition fees for Russian universities are low and quite affordable. Fees for medicine, engineering and architecture courses range from $3500 – $5000, while other courses start from $1500 – $3000. Cost of living in Russia is quite low compared to other countries in Europe. Living costs are estimated at $300 which covers accommodation, food, books etc.

  1. Greece

Non-EU students have to pay a tuition fee of approximately €1500 per year, although, it varies according to universities and institutions. You can also get your course textbooks for free; other living costs are relatively cheaper as well.

Now that you’ve made your decision to consider these countries, these are your prerequisites to study in these locales:

  • Language proficiency in either English or the country’s local tongue
  • Evidence of financial support
  • International passport with travel validity
  • Preliminary and higher level school transcripts
  • Educational certificates
  • Letter of purpose or motivation
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Biological certificate, i.e. birth certificate, etc

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Note that all these will also aid you in applying for a student visa in these countries.

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