Cameroon: Mass Exodus From Anglophone Regions As Crisis Deepens

Bus terminals jam-packed, people carrying their traveling  bags on their heads, parents run around helter skelter looking for their kids. That is the present situation in a once peaceful Bamenda, the capital of North West region, Cameroon.

People stranded at a bus station in Bamenda

Since separatist leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe was handed a life sentence, things have only gotten worse for people in the two english speaking regions. Separatist fighters vowed to fight back, threatening a one month ghost town in both regions.

A bus station in Bamenda

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Socio-political crusader, Georges Munang writes …

” Political Upping the Ante
Cameroonians forced out of their ancestorial lands due to poor governance.

These are not Africans in Mixico, Turkey, Libya trying to cross the borders into Europe or America. These are Cameroonians in the North west City of Bamenda fleeing from terror in their motherland.

They are trying to escape from war into Bafoussam, Yaounde, Douala, Bertua, Kribi etc. It is a country in central west Africa called Cameroon where her leaders have vehemently refused to hear the cry of her people. Its very own people are caught in a bullet contest between Armed civilians and regular military

The country’s territory is going through attacks for division, its people are going through hell of economic hardship and political depression.

No one seems to be listening to the dying population. Even the other regions where the affected citizens are escaping to are not doing well.

They are suffering from economic and political incurable sickness of no electricity, no water, no peace, no salaries, no jobs, no roads, no justice.

The government has helped the people with some degree of freedom of speech. With this privilege, its senior citizens, politicians human right advocates, Clergies, Journalists, Bloggers have voiced out proposals to help the state come back to normal.

It seems the governing rank doesn’t have ears or she listens and is thinking on the best proposal to implement.

No one can really tell why there is no call for sincere negotiation now when everyone knows that will be the end resolve.

As a Young Socio-political analyst playing my role in political participation I am now very much disappointed in My president since he is now trying to reject his very own confide title of being the Fathers of all Fathers.

Sincere Dialogue = Effective Back to School”

Georges Munang
Socio-political blogger

Do you think a one month ghost town is a good idea ?

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